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Yancey Arias estelariza este drama como Miguel Cadena, un astuto hombre de negocios que ha llegado al borde de la supremacia del cartel de droga

Yancey Arias stars as Stanford-educated Miguel Cadena, a savvy businessman who has risen to the threshold of supremacy in his family’s illegal drug cartel as power begins to pass from one generation to the next. Behind the opulent façade of the Cadenas’ lifestyle of private jets, yachts and villas stands a massive drug-dealing operation that produces immense quantities of illegal narcotics despite the ongoing family infighting.

Also starring in “Kingpin” are Sheryl Lee (“L.A. Doctors,” “Twin Peaks”) as Marlene, Miguel’s beautiful American wife, who as a lawyer works to protect the family business from government intervention and who shares her husband’s proclivity for ruthless cunning; Ruben Carbajel as Joey, the couple’s 8-year-old son whom they attempt to shelter from their dangerous lifestyle; Bobby Cannavale (NBC’s “Third Watch”) as Chato, Miguel’s ambitious and brutal yet loyal brother; Angela Alvarado Rosa (“Boss of Bosses”) as Delia Flores, a DEA agent ardently fighting to thwart drug dealers wherever she finds them; Brian Benben (“Dream On”) as Dr. Heywood Klein, a successful plastic surgeon who is conflicted over his role in the Cadenas’ North American operations; and Shay Roundtree (“Drumline”) as Junie Gatling, one of Klein's go-to men in the trenches of the drug trade.